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Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is an advanced facial technology using a combination of powerful cosmetic ingredients that removes dead, dull skin cells from your skin surface while stimulating collagen production to restore elasticity. Deluxe or express option available.


What are the benefits?

Lift, tone and tighten skin with our skin rejuvenation treatment. Benefits include: 

Glowing skin in preparation for special event

Hydrating a dry / dehydrated skin
Reversing sun damage
Revitalising dull skin
Improving mild scarring
Fine lines and wrinkles
Exfoliating congested skin

How it works

Our advanced device uses a diamond tip to exfoliate the top skin layer and gentle suction to remove the skin’s cellular debris whilst still nurturing your skin. This treatment is minimally invasive, pain free and involves physically exfoliating the skin. By removing the top superficial layer of skin, the body quickly replaces lost skin cells with new, healthy ones. A soothing mask is provided at the of your skin will be left feeling renewed and glowing.  


Price and Package 

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion

Prepay 5 treatments and receive 5 booster valued up to $195

Prepay 10 treatments and receive 10 booster plus 10 powerful TBE signature mask valued up to $640 

1 visit

3 visits

5 visits




10 visits


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What to do before and after the treatment


There’s no down-time. You can resume normal activities and use your current skincare products.


Deluxe Booster

Book a complimentary consultation with our experienced dermal therapist to discuss your skin concerns and goals. We're here to guide you. Each treatment will always be customised and tailored to suit you skin needs.

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