Ultimate Cleansing Treatment - Clean and Clear Skin Facial

Ultimate Cleansing Treatment

A decongesting and healing treatment highly recommended for correcting skin challenges such as blackheads, oily or congested skin with a tendency to breakout. This unique cleansing treatment comes with peels, extractions and anti-bacterial high frequency treatment.


What are the benefits?

Remove dead skin and reduce bacterial build up
Control oil production to help with active acne
Antibacterial high frequency treatment helps kill the bacteria that causes active acne

How it works

A decongesting facial is like a professional pore excavation. It’s designed to clear out clogged sebum and eliminate blackheads. Extractions of black and whiteheads. Gentle acid peels, using lactic or AHAs also help dissolve the outer layers of skin to resurface it and keep pores clean.


Price and Package 

Ultimate Cleansing Treatment

Prepay 5 treatments and receive 5 booster valued up to $195

Prepay 10 treatments and receive 10 booster plus 10 powerful TBE signature mask valued up to $640 

1 visit

3 visits

5 visits




10 visits


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What to do before and after the treatment


The skin may feel slightly flush. You should be able to resume normal  activities and use your current skincare products. 


Deluxe Booster

Book a complimentary consultation with our experienced dermal therapist to discuss your skin concerns and goals. We're here to guide you. Each treatment will always be customised and tailored to suit you skin needs.

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